PreParanoia: Thorbjørn Lerø

Thorbjørn Lerø, Information Security Consultant, Watchcom.

Thorbjørn is a former Air Force Captain and holds a university degree in Military Science and Leadership from the Royal Norwegian Airforce. As Flight Commander and Section Head in NATO he has several years of practical experience in environments with High Level Security, and where the Security Act is absolutely crucial. He has solid experience of operating classified ICT systems, contingency planning and security documentation. In Watchcom’s consultancy team, Thorbjørn works with advisory related to information security, privacy and information security management systems.

IT Crisis Exercise

We are becoming increasingly dependent on IT systems. They are used everywhere, in business, hospitals, military operations and even to drive cars. Both the business core processes and administration are increasingly digitized and automated. This makes us more vulnerable to IT incidents and crisis. When an IT incident occurs and interferes with business processes, time is critical. This is where a well-prepared and trained organization will save your business from high costs.

In this workshop you will get hands-on practical experience on exercise planning and execution.

Are you and your business prepared to handle such situations? What do you do as a manager or your co-workers when the accident first comes out?

If you are a in charge of information security this is the track for you!