Paul Chaffey

Paul Chaffey was appointed State Secretary to the Minister of Local Government and Modernisation, Monica Mæland on 17 January 2018. Paul previously held the position of CEO in Abelia.

In the duration 1989 to 1997 he was member of Parliament. Paul previously held positions in a number of institutions, including Amnesty, NUPI, University of Oslo and the program committee «Forny 2020» at the Research Council of Norway.


Digital Agenda for Norway: Digitisation of public services - Benefits and security challenges

Technology represents opportunities. We must exploit these opportunities to provide Norway with good public services and to create new jobs.


ICT and digitalisation are a strategic competitive advantage for Norway. The white paper Digital Agenda for Norway the Government (Meld. St. 27 (2015-2016)  outlines how Norway will exploit the opportunities ICT usage offers. Norway has been experiencing low productivity growth since 2005. Half of the productivity growth that has been achieved can be attributed to digitalisation. Therefore, we need to harness the opportunities that technology and digitalisation bring for welfare, value and job creation and economic competitiveness. The ambition of increasing digitalization in the public sector also means that focus on ICT security becomes more important. Information security has already become a precondition for digitizing the public sector.