Dr. Hans-Peter Güllich

Dr. Guellich is the founder and CEO of Dydon AG a Swiss based leading AI solution vendor. The CIO Applications Europe Magazine judged the Dydon AI platform as being among the top 25 AI vendor ideas in the year 2017.

Dr. Guellich is a serial entrepreneur and strategic investor in small and mid-cap corporations with an IT and industry focus. His passion is the creation of new business ideas and the building of respective IT focused corporations.   Dr. Hans-Peter Guellich has an in depth practical experience in the development and design of individualized Governance, Risk and Compliance concepts and systems. 

Dr. Hans-Peter Guellich professional experience spans over more than 25 years, most of which with consultancies, financial institutions and IT solution providers. He made significant contributions to the development of numerous risk management systems (credit and operational risk).  

Misguided, mismanaged and misunderstood. How to provide easy to understand key information supporting fundamental C-Level decisions in the years ahead?  

Due to the sheer mass of available data organisations are missing an ongoing and real time monitoring of external and internal data and information allowing them to identify internal weak points (e.g. compliance failures, risk management issues, etc.), provide an early detection of risk relevant web content and comprehensively communicate the actual risk situation to all management levels.
Recent social, ethical and legal developments urge corporations to tackle compliance (regulatory, conduct, social, environmental, etc.) as a top management priority. An enormous amount of destructive venom continues to pour out from all corners of the planet, fingers point to blame every­where. Grandstanding or not, public state­ments can cause enormous shocks and risks.
Top managers around the globe are waking up to their personal exposure to regulatory risk. New regulatory regimes in almost all industries ensure that senior management will be held personally responsible, and personally financially liable, for their firms’ in-effectiveness related to compliance issues.
In present troubled times top executives and boards are flooded with information making it difficult to take the right decision within the short time available. Thus, they are eager to receive most recent information and predictive assessment results in a simple, easy to understand and interpret fashion.
The FS industry spends over $ 70-80bn/y on compliance. Applying smart and flexible AI solutions to compliance processes (e.g. back office, regulatory content management, KYC, AML, etc.) can reduce cost up to 50% and increase efficiency up to 30%.
To achieve such results firms need a corporate wide AI strategy and solution focus which combines tailored-to-fit artificial intelligence and machine learning methodologies with respective predictive models and ensures all forward-looking management information is presented via strikingly intuitive and informative dashboards.