Geir Bækholt

With a background in software engineering and human computer interaction, Geir Bækholt spent the last 15 years as CEO and Open Source leader.

Geir has built collaboration software for clients such as Continental Airlines, Nokia, United Nations, and the UK armed forces. Geir helps enterprises and government agencies communicate securely through Crypho, where he is CEO.


Solving everyday challenges with end-to-end encryption: How Telemark Hospital communicates electronically with their patients.


Telemark hospital’s fertility clinic is a regional centre for fertility treatment. Patients need to stay in touch with the clinic regularly throughout their treatment and pregnancy. The treatment requires frequent and rapid communication between the patient and the clinic, for a typical timespan of 12-18 months. Electronic communication proved incredibly hard to manage with their existing tools while simultaneously being compliant with laws and regulations on the protection of the patients’ personal data. 

In the last half of 2017, the hospital deployed Crypho, a technical solution for end-to-end-encrypted real-time electronic communications, to stay in touch with their patients.  Within a week more than 1000 patients were using the solution actively to communicate with their hospital. Using end-to-end encryption solved many legal and compliance challenges. It also made it possible for the hospital to maintain flexible and fast communications with their patients more efficiently than before.