PreParanoia: Jens Christian Gjesti

Jens Christian Gjesti, Partner, Kvale Law Firm.

Jens Christian Gjesti is an experienced and ranked lawyer specialising in cyber security, privacy, ePrivacy and telecommunications law. In addition to providing strategic and legal advice to private sector companies and public bodies, he regularly assists clients with dispute resolution and cases involving regulatory authorities such as the Data Protection Authority, National Security Authority, Norwegian Communications Authority as the ESA (Efta Surveillance Authority). This includes incident management and security breach notifications.

After graduating from the University of Oslo and Universitée Libre de Bruxelles in 2004 Gjesti has held various positions at the Norwegian Communications Authority, Selmer Law Firm and Legalteam Law Firm. He was also seconded as in-house counsel to the mobile operator Tele2 from 2012 – 2015. Gjesti regularly gives presentations on cyber security and privacy regulation and also contributes as an external lecturer at the University of Oslo, University of Agder and the Norwegian Business School. 

Cyber Security Regulation 4.0 - what do the authorities require of you?

Cyber security is no longer the exclusive domain of each individual business – it is a key concern for both politicians and regulators. National and international authorities are rushing to respond to the increase threat posed by cybercrime, cyberterrorism and state sponsored cyberattacks with new, intrusive regulation (NIS-directive, security laws, GDPR etc.). This session examines which new cyber security regulation is relevant for your business, what it requires you to do in practice and how you successfully comply.