Pre-Paranoia: Owe Lie-Bjelland

Director GRC Solutions @ Corporater. Mr. Lie-Bjelland is a certified senior risk manager, a technology enthusiast, and an information security professional. His background is from the software technology industry as the co-founder, CTO and CEO of Xait.

He has more than 20 years of international GRC experience in business management, software innovation, cyber & information security, legal & financial compliance, and data & information governance from working as a trusted vendor, management advisor and consultant for several fortune 500 companies across different industries in Europe, USA and Latin America.

Is cyber threat the greatest risk of digital transformation?

Having worked with governance, risk and compliance from a technology and business perspective across different industries and countries for more than 20 years, I have witnessed and been part of the birth of the cloud, the success of SaaS, the maturation of cyber security, and the exponential growth in technology outsourcing. This evolution has triggered a seismic shift in mindset of enterprises when it comes to information- and cyber-security, compliance and information governance. Among business leaders, we have seen a shift from ignorance to fear, we’re witnessing a shift from fear to awareness, and now we would like to see a shift from awareness to confidence. No doubt, technology will continue as a trendsetter in the outsourcing market, businesses will continue the digitalization trend, cyber threats will not vanish, many companies will fall, and industries and markets are becoming more and more regulated. In a myriad of new risks, which is the number one most significant risk related to digital transformation?

Mr. Lie-Bjelland will talk about his experience working with all tiers of organizations to efficiently communicate risks and value of a company’s digital assets to mitigate the number one risk of digital transformation – the lack of effective communication between the board, executives, and managers.