Dr. Franz G. Fuchs

Dr. Franz G. Fuchs will be speaking at Paranoia 2019. His presentation will discuss the subject of quantum computing.

Franz G. Fuchs received his master’s degree in mathematics from the Technical University of Munich in 2006. In 2009 he earned his PhD in applied mathematics from the University of Oslo, working on mathematical theory and numerical methods for hyperbolic conservation laws. After two postdoctoral positions (first at UiO, then at SINTEF), he has been working as a research scientist at SINTEF Digital since 2014, focusing on heterogeneous computing.

It is important to prepare businesses for the age of quantum devices, such as quantum computers and the quantum internet, now. But what is a quantum computer and the quantum internet? Why does it represent a paradigm shift? Why will it reshape entire businesses? When will it become relevant ? In his Paranoia 2019 talk Dr. Fuchs will try to answer these questions, and why the time to act is now.


Franz G. Fuchs has written about quantum computing - and how it will reshape enitre businesses, in a new SINTEF blogpost.


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