Don Codling

Don Codling worked with the FBI for 23 + years and retired as Unit Chief, FBI Cyber Division and was chief liaison officer to US-CERT, ICS-Cert and the U.S. Intelligence community. At Paranoia 2019, he will address the need for effective and timely cyber threat intelligence.

 While at the FBI, Don supervised a variety of investigative programs with a primary focus on international cyber crime and cyber national security operations, and with a particular emphasis on the cyber security challenges that have significant impacts on global financial services, Cryptocurrency markets and various global anti money laundering networks.   His experience also includes the cyber vulnerability aspects of Industrial Control Systems (ICS), digital currency tracking, theft of intellectual property, foreign counter-intelligence, technical operations, and undercover operations.

Mr. Codling currently serves as CISO and CPO for My Double Check and Rego/ZOOM Payments and previously held these roles for Urban FT and Swift Exchange.  Don has extensive formal training in a variety of cyber security, data privacy protections, Industrial Control Systems Cyber Security best practices (with certifications from DHS and DoE) and extensive experience regarding maintaining data integrity and privacy within multiple global sectors. Global experience in blending Physical Security, Technical Surveillance Counter Measures, Data Loss Prevention and cyber security metrics to create a holistic view of Business Risk Reduction and mitigation.

He currently holds a CISSP and CIPP/US certification (CIPP/E certification in progress) and serves as a Fellow with to advocate for expanded digital privacy rights and the responsible corporate and governmental use of data in a transparent fashion. 

Don served as chairman for the Global Strategic Alliance Cyber Crime Working Group for 5 years, Co-Chairman Cyber Security for Energy and Utilities Sector in UAE conference in 2014, 2015, 2017 and conceived and hosted three International Cyber Security forums held in Washington D.C. in 2012 , 2013 and 2017.  

Co-Chair of Washington DC Chapter of International Association of Privacy Professionals 2016-2018 and Fellow with as a digital rights privacy advocate globally.

Theme: The need for effective and timely cyber threat intelligence (business risk intelligence).


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